Style Navigator.

Meet Lee Salter

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I help lead women and entrepreneurs who are too busy to think about what they are going to wear
elevate their style. I assist them to step up, show up and stand out in ways they have never imagined.
We live in a time where visual content is key to communication, having high-quality style that represents
not just who you are or what you do, but where you are going. Your clothes are an easy reflection for
people to generate an impression of you. We cannot ignore that most people are Google, Instagram and
LinkedIn searching you before reaching out or contacting you. Who you are out there in the world, and
how that visually shows up is an important part of your brand experience.

As a Style Navigator I want to be able to guide my clients from a more holistic approach. Helping them
align what they want people to see, what they say and how they feel about themselves as a brand.
Wearing nice clothes and taking cool pictures are easy, but wearing authenticity takes work. I have been
a wardrobe stylist for over 7 years, and it brings me more joy to know I am styling a whole person and
not just a fraction of them. So, are you ready to take this journey with me? Schedule your consultation

More About Me?

I live in Richmond, VA with my husband and daughter. I am a Jesus lover. I was raised in New Jersey (Jersey girl!) and absolutely love city life. I earned a Biology degree and professionally was a Laboratory Scientist for about 10 years before solely becoming a full time stylist.